In this agreement MAYASHUMMER PTY LIMITED is the company and the person signing the agreement is the hirer.

  1. The deposit for the bookings is non-refundable.

  2. The balance has to be paid before pick up if not prepaid.

  3. The hirer has to incur the cost of any damages or clean up costs caused by the hirer. In the event of vomiting the hirer has to pay $325 sanitising fee.

  4. Overtime will be charged if the delay has been caused by the hirer.

  5. The company will not be responsible for delays in the event of bad weather, traffic, road works, car accidents. No compensation will be paid.

  6.  In the event of mechanical failure of hired vehicle, every effort will be made to repair the vehicle or organise an alternative vehicle from the company if the hirer is ready to wait. If an alternative vehicle cannot be arranged the deposit/money paid to the company will be refunded in full. No compensation will be paid. The hirer will have to organise their own transport in this scenario.

  7. No alcohol will be provided by the company. If the hirer brings their own it is hirer’s onus to drink responsibly. Once the hirer has exited the vehicle the hirer will be responsible for their behaviour. No compensation will be paid in this scenario by the company. No underage drinking is allowed.

  8. The vehicle doors and windows will only be opened by the driver due to safety of the hirer, unless it is an emergency. The company will not be responsible or liable for any injury caused to hirer/ his or her party if they fail to abide by this condition. No compensation will be paid.

  9. There is NO SMOKING policy in all company vehicles. Failure to abide by this rule by hirer/ his or her party will result in Hirer initials instantaneous termination of hire agreement. No refund will be paid in this scenario.

  10. The company does not take liability if the hirer transports any illegal substance in the vehicle.

  11. If the hirer breaks any federal or state laws the hire agreement will terminate instantaneously. No refund will be paid in this instance.

  12. The driver has a right to deny entry into the vehicle if any person has unruly, abusive or drunken behaviour. No refunds will be paid in this scenario.

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