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Top 10 Hummer Hire Questions

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

If you want to arrive in style, nothing beats a Hummer. Well, not unless it’s a Hummer stretch limo, of course. With affordable Hummer limo hire, you can extend your special event to include a luxury entrance, departure or both.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s a remarkable ride out there for you. Here are some common questions about hiring a hummer:

How Long Do I Get To Stay In The Hummer Limo?

The minimum booking period is one hour. Although, it may be possible to arrange a shorter trip to a specific location, such as the airport or your hotel. Whatever your plans, it’s best to speak with an advisor and ask for a quote.

How Much Does Hiring A Hummer Limo Cost?

It depends on several factors, including how many people are travelling and how long you plan to use the vehicle. Our prices are extremely competitive, but you may find lower rates elsewhere. We must stress that the lowest prices don’t necessarily equate to the highest quality service. To find out how much your trip will close, ask for a quote.

Are Any Extras Included In The Hire Price?

Again, this depends on the occasion and type of vehicle hire. Our Hummer limos are spacious enough and opulent enough to house TV screens, stereo systems and more. So, dependent on the occasion, we may offer customers complimentary champagne and chilled water.

Is It Safe To Travel Via Hummer Limo Hire?

If you book with a reputable company, there should be no safety issues. Our drivers, for instance, have been handling limos for many years. They are fully trained and can be trusted to provide a safe, enjoyable experience. Please note that, in Melbourne, passengers are always required to wear a seatbelt.

Is There A Music Player In The Hummer Limo?

Of course. Every luxury limo ride needs the perfect soundtrack. The driver can choose a selection of songs for your journey. Or, you can link an iPod or phone to the speaker system and play your own tunes.

Is A Hummer Limo Hire Suitable For Children?

Our hummer limos are safe for children and babies to use. Although, do be aware that Melbourne laws require children to ride in specialist car seats. We are happy to provide these seats as part of your hire package, at no extra cost.

Is It Easy To Arrange A Hummer Limo Hire?

If you know what you want, it shouldn’t take longer than an hour to finalise a booking (often, it’s much quicker). You can fill out an enquiry form on the website. Or, you can call us directly for quotes and advice. All bookings require a deposit.

Can Teens Ride In The Hummer Limo Unsupervised?

If you mean without parents, yes. Technically, passengers under the age of eighteen are always fully supervised. Many of our drivers have experience chauffeuring minors. They are all deemed safe for work with children. If you’d like your child to ride alone, please make this clear when booking.

Can The Hummer Be Decorated For A Special Occasion?

Generally, we leave this up to the customer. You are welcome to bring along balloons, streamers and other decorations for the vehicle. Anything that won’t cause a mess or extra cleaning costs is fine. For weddings, we decorate the outside of the limo with white ribbons.

Can I Hire A Hummer Limo In Central Melbourne?

Maya’s Hummer Limousine Service is a popular choice for special occasions and events in and around central Melbourne. If you’d like to know more, call 0457 025 46 to check out the luxury fleet.

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