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Hire Hummer For Wine Tours In Yarra Valley

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

“Age like a fine wine”

Yarra Valley is one of the most iconic places in Australia. The Yarra Valley is less than an hour's drive from Melbourne and offers superb local cuisine and wine, magnificent scenery, romantic hideaways, and indulgent excursions.

With over 80 outstanding cellar doors, great eateries offering fresh seasonal products, luxurious lodging, and more, the Yarra Valley is recognized as one of the world's top wine-growing areas. Taking into account the gorgeous winery's background, it would indeed be a great idea to hire a hummer for a wine tour in Yarra Valley. When it comes to hiring a hummer for the Yarra Maya’s Hummer with a comprehensive stock of hummers would be a perfect choice to levitate your overall experience.

After long hours of working days, everyone eagerly awaits and imagines their weekend plans. For those who like to explore new luxuries, wine tasting is the most exquisite part of their activity. From Pinot Noir to Chardonnay, this little bundle of joy is experienced at the variety of tours offered at Yarra valley. From regular people to recognized critics, they come to the Yarra Valley to find their source of classic wines.

As they say, the older the wine the better it tastes. Wine has its own advantages and disadvantages and comes with its own addiction. People say a glass of wine a day keeps you young and glowing for the rest of your life. Luxury is for each and everyone to experience. Wine tours at Yarra valley have been doing the rounds in Melbourne for a very long time now. They provide you with the best experience from wine tasting to small exquisite treats. They have traditional homemade cheese and delicacies made especially for in-house guests.

These tours accommodate from a couple to a whole group, families tend to enjoy the sunset views and musical nights they offer during the tour. To upgrade this level of experience, you need the right ride to make your journey worth remembering. Maya’s Hummers offer the best variety of Limousines that make your journey worth remembering. With their high capacity accommodative rides to experience professional chauffeurs, it is our duty to make your experience worthwhile.

What Makes The Wine Tour In Hummer Unique In Yarra Valley?

Wine tours are an excellent way to commemorate any event. They're fun to do since, to be truthful, you do not need a reason to go to places that are so beautiful. Visiting the winemaking districts of the Yarra Valley must be done in comfort and luxury. Whether it's your maiden time visiting Melbourne's famed vineyards or you've done it before, traveling in a Stretch Hummer limo alongside your favorite people will undoubtedly make a memorable impact.

Why Should You Hire Maya’s Hummer For A Wine Tour?


It is pretty understood that whoever drives cannot drink. Local law enforcement in the Valley literally stakes out the roads to look out for impaired drivers. With the service, you won’t have to worry about ruining your trip since you would be riding with a designated driver.


Comfort seems to be very important when traveling with a group of more than 10 people, our hummers provide you with enough space to accommodate from 11-14 people in one limousine. Apart from this, we offer an extended roof in some of our cars so that you can enjoy the view at all times.


Unlike other services, you get to choose your own schedule and how many stops and intervals you need between in the winery. This way you don’t have to wind up your whole tour according to someone else’s schedule and you can peacefully enjoy your experience while taking your own time. One of the most important benefits of traveling in a limousine is that you get a personal concierge for your last minute requests like a lunch picnic on the way.


Our professional chauffeurs are well versed with the routes and the local life. Want a gift shop? Want a particular wine? Want to know the history behind the wineries? Or want wineries that include award-winning food? Our services have got each and every request covered.

Variety of choices with the best luxury

The Hummer trips are the pinnacle of the Yarra Valley wine tourism experience. We developed Hummer limousine winery excursions from Melbourne and can provide you with this special experience for a fraction of the price of booking Hummer limos on an hourly rate. We do include a delicious meal, wine samples, and complimentary champagne in the offer to enhance your special occasion in a much more lavish way.

Travel in style

Our Melbourne limo hire service allows you to tour the wineries in luxury. All you need to do is relax and unwind in luxury while yet feeling intimate. The Yarra Valley is undeniably lovely, with stunning scenery that will ensure you have a memorable vineyard tour. We guarantee that enjoying a lengthy and relaxed journey in our limo for wine-tasting excursions will not disappoint you.

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction

On your special touring day with a complimentary champagne, it's all about you and your group. Our courteous and skilled driver will effortlessly take you throughout the day, allowing you to fully enjoy your Yarra Valley wine tour. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we guarantee that you will have a terrific day in the Yarra Valley with us - our previous clients can attest to that.

Perfect for dates

Our hummer hiring is also an excellent way to spend a date. The Yarra Valley is a fantastic spot to explore with someone you want to make an impression on. Apart from sampling the greatest wines, you and your companion can enjoy various additional activities during the vineyard tour. You may use our limo service to visit art galleries, historical sites, landscaped gardens, as well as other highlights in this provincial capital. Attributed to all the mentioned points, it would be ideal to hire a hummer for a wine tour in Yarra Valley for the best experience.

More About Yarra Valley

Visit Healesville Sanctuary in the Yarra Valley, go on an early-morning balloon ride, meet enthusiastic food and winemakers, and see a platypus. Wander the walking paths, explore the towns, and uncover the Dandenong Ranges' hidden charms among its picturesque, meandering lanes, the plethora of artist studios, artisan shops, and world-famous gardens.

Be Swept Away By The Gorgeous Scenery And Indulgent Adventures Of The Yarra Valley And Dandenong Ranges.

This lovely area of Victoria is home to lush forests, tumbling vineyards, and quaint townships. Discover charming communities with thriving art scenes and sample regional flavors at the restaurants, vineyards, distilleries, and breweries that dot the area. Additionally, it is home to the tranquility of immaculately kept gardens, enormous woodlands, and misty waterfalls. You'll go back to your home country with a cellar full of exceptional cool-climate wines and a deep appreciation for the beauty of the Australian environment.

Hire hummer for Wine Tours in Yarra valley

Things To Do In Yarra Valley

Scroll through forests

A visit to Redwood Forest is like stepping into a storybook. It is both one of Victoria's hidden beauties and one of the most well-known Yarra Valley attractions. The forest, which is a few kilometers outside of Warburton, is home to almost 1500 enormous Californian Redwood trees. The way these trees are neatly arranged in rows provides a charming haven from the outer world.

Take a dig at chocolates and ice cream

Since 2012, Yarra Valley Chocolateries & Ice Creamery has been luring tourists of all ages with its mouth watering treats as one of the most well-known Yarra Valley attractions. These days, chocolate shops on the Mornington Peninsula and Great Ocean Road also sell their internationally renowned confections.

Enjoy the enchantment of mason falls

Mason Falls, one of the most breathtaking sights in the Yarra Valley, is situated within the charming Kinglake National Park. With free gas barbecues, tables, and restrooms in addition to the magnificent towering gum trees that are home to over 90 native bird species, the Masons Falls Picnic Area is perfect for families.

Chill the lake mountain

From Melbourne, a day in the snow is only two hours away! You may simply take a day excursion from Melbourne, so there's no need to prepare for a lengthy journey. For first-timers who have never been skiing, Lake Mountain Alpine Resort is a cross-country ski area that welcomes families. Take a ski or snowboard lesson, check out one of their three toboggan lines, or go cross-country skiing.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What occasions do you provide a hummer for?

We provide hummers for various occasions, including engagement, wedding, an anniversary, a birthday party, a corporate meeting, bucks party, school formal, sightseeing tour or even a simple airport transfer for our clients.

Q. What type of vehicles do you supply?

We have a variety of luxury vehicle ranges starting from Black Beauty Hummer, Pearl White Hummer, Sunset Jewel Golden Hummer, White Ford Hyperstretch, Pink Hummer, Rockstar Hummer and Black Ford Hyperstretch excursion to choose from for more information visit our website.

Q. What areas do you cover?

We cover the following areas Kilmore, Bendigo, Daylesford, Seymour, Shepparton, Roxburgh Park, Geelong, Yarraville, Craigieburn and other surrounding suburbs of melbourne.

Note: For making our clients' wedding day special, we can extend our transportation service to other areas of melbourne for further information visit Maya’s Hummer website.

Q. How many passengers can your hummers accommodate?

We operate a large fleet of vehicles with various seating options for our clients. In our hummers, there is enough capacity or space for 14 to 18 passengers.

Q. How much does it cost to hire your limo hummer?

Our limo hummer hire prices are extremely affordable. While we charge on an hourly basis, the total price depends on how long you require our vehicle, the number of passengers and location you want us to pick you up and drop you off.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A deposit of $200 will be charged for confirming the bookings. For cancellations made within 4 weeks of booking, we will refund 50% of the deposit amount.

Q. What makes our service special and best for clients?

At Maya’s Hummer, we will provide our customers with superior hummer limo services, exceeding all of their expectations. With a diverse fleet of elite vehicles, we can fulfill the needs of everyday corporate travelers or a large group of tourists and everything in between. All of our chauffeurs are highly skilled and fully licensed, so you will have an amazing experience throughout the ride.

Q. Our fleet of vehicles with passenger capacity?

Whether you need hummer limousines for a single passenger or a large group, we have the vehicle to accommodate your travel needs:

  • Black Beauty Hummer14-Seater

  • White Ford Hyper-stretch F250 12-seater

  • Sunset Jewel Golden Hummer 16-seater

  • Pink Hummer 14-seater

  • Rockstar Hummer 10-seater

  • Black Ford Excursion Stretch Hummer 14-seater

  • Pearl White Hummer 14-seater

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